Diffrence between C and C++

C++ is derived from the C language. Strictly speaking, it is a super set of C: Almost every correct statement in C is also a correct statement in C++, although the reverse is not true. The most important elements added to C to create C++ are concerned with classes, objects, and Object-Oriented Programming. (C++ was

OOP in c++ – Introduction to OOP (object oriented programming)

Types of programming 1. Procedural programming 2.Object Oriented Programming Object oriented programming (OOP) Here is the Introduction of oop (object oriented programming) OOP Object Oriented Programming is concept in programming languages and OOP is used in near about all languages Need of OOP(object oriented programming) : – The programming challenge was seen as how to

C++ Tutorial – C++ variables and Types

Initialization & Declaration in c++ Declaration declaring any variable type in c++ is not the big deal just you should know the syntax(the way to write) in c++ declaring any integer as    int a; or    float  a or double a;  here int float and double are DATA types and a is variable  and it was simple declaration

Java-Tutorial – Java local-setup,working and advantages…

Java Tutorial:- This is our first  tutorial in java language.In this Java-Tutorial i will describe working,advantages and history of java language.I will also describe tools you will need to write your first java program.   History:- Java is high-level programming language devoloped by Sun Microsystems.The first version of java was releases in 1995.Java is run

C++ Tutorials – hello world in c++

C++ tutorial:- After the last tutorial of C++ complete Overview (compilers,object-oriented,history) .In this c++ tutorial we will write our first program in this tutorial.So Before we can write our first program, we need to know a few things about development environments of C++ programming language.   Some information for beginners:-   First, all our programs will